Rise of the Alstalar

Chronicle 1: Ozymandias

Two days to the west of Ophen lies the Stoneshanks, remains of a shattered statue that stand tall in the desolate hills on the south side of the Greymud river. The place has been largely ignored because no one ever believed it was worth investigating. Until now.

The Daz’Dema of the Zith enclave in Ophen have informed the council that something — what it is they cannot (or will not) say — is awakening beneath those stony legs. Control of the site is imperative. And the Zithin wizards are not the only ones to have noted the disturbance of the Weave. Others are racing to secure the site. There is no question that the place must be claimed for Ophen, but most of the fighters of your town are otherwise engaged. Will your small crew be able to reach the statue in time? Will you be able to fend off the competitors until help arrives?

Characters: Treedo, Ulan Bator
Results: Success. The site is secured and the chambers below will be explored when reinforcements arrive.
Rewards: Flag of Defense, a magic item which will be available for groups to use.
Achievements: Nightfang Respite
Faction Gains: Ophen, Black Omen, RIver Kin


Meshon Meshon

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