Rise of the Alstalar

Chronicle 2: What Lies Beneath

The Zith mages claim that a power is awakening beneath the wastes, at a place known to Ophenicates as Stoneshanks. Of old it was called the Warrior’s Shield. Two specialists from Ophen braved the growing storm, Nightfang scouts, and a party of hogboblin shamans to secure the site. Now it is time to discover what lies beneath.

Characters: Onth Hadar, Treedo, Ulan Bator
Results: Success. The depths have been explored, revealing an ancient node in a Zithin portal network.
Rewards: The Ophen Militia is a little more wary of the River Kin and their wiles.
Achievements: Portals
Faction Gains: Fight Pit, River Kin, Zith, Black Omen


Meshon Meshon

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