Rise of the Alstalar

Chronicle 4: River's Edge

To the east down the Greymud River lies the ruined town that once had a name, but now folks just call it Never Nook. It’s a dangerous place, but there are people out that way, and making it easier to trade with them would make Ophen stronger, so Ophen is setting up a trading post there. It’s going well, been there almost one turn of the moons, but now it needs some supplies. Your job is to escort the barges down the river and see that the supplies get to Never Nook. Your crew is waiting…

Characters: Onth Hadar, Treedo, Ulan Bator, Skarulf Thar, Bobujo
Results: Success. The barge survives an attack by the Mudripper clan and reaches Never Nook.
Results: The trading post has supplies, now it just needs customers…
Achievements: None
Faction Gains: Ophen, Fight Pit, River Kin, Black Omen

A short history lesson

As the barge gently rocked its way down the placid waters of the Greymud, Ulan Bator’s trepidation began to ease. No longer consumed by a mortal fear of the water beneath, the efreet turned his attention to his companions, both old and new. The other members of his cohort were attempting to find common ground with the wary bargemen. Seeing the wisdom in this, he rose to his feet with renewed purpose and sought out the nearest man with whom he could bond. Perhaps he too could foster a rapprochement through some shared history.

The imperious orc bellowed, ‘You there, fat man! I have words for you.’ The startled sailor looked around startled by the address. Ulan Bator strode towards him and with a black hand on the shaking man’s shoulder directed his eyes to the shore as it slipped past. The efreet continued, ‘You doltish seamen may think that the pact between orcs and humans represents the first contact between our kin. But this is not so! Although far inland, Ophen yet has its own maritime history, tethered as it is to the sea by the Greymud. And this dark vein of wealth bore witness the first dealings between the humans of Ophen and Black Omen, for we orcs would prey upon barges such as this one.’ The efreet’s molten eyes grew more intense, ‘Indeed, in light of the historic smallness, insularity, and conservatism of maritime communities, I suspect that you followed your parents and grandparents onto the river.’ The man nodded with a blank expression. ‘As I thought! Our peoples share some common experiences then. No doubt your village’s fathers and forefathers would have been raided by orcish reavers.’ A pensive Ulan Bator ran a great hand over his onyx scalp, ‘Of course, those who fought back would have been killed immediately. But the cowards who cravenly surrendered would have been slowly burned alive as sacrifices to the orcish gods, so that their screams might offer them sustenance.’

‘You and I are not so different!’


Meshon Keebler

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