Rise of the Alstalar

Chronicle 6: Trading Concerns

Word has gone out into the wilds! The strongest refuge in the wastes, the beacon of hope that is Ophen, is reaching out with the inviting hand of commerce. From the distant outpost in Never Nook, Ophen extends its influence even further into the untamed wilderness of Thron. So far only the Nightfangs have answered the call, and their only offer of trade was blows. But there is hope that others will follow, those dwellers in the bogs, fens, forests, and rocks, for whom trade might bring needed goods and ease the challenge of survival. You are Ophen’s chief negotiators; what will you manage to gain for Ophen, and what will you have to give up to get it?

Characters: Onth Hadar, Broff, Ulan Bator
Results: Success. Various negotiations were held, needs were discerned and met.
Results: It looks like Never Nook might become a trade centre after all!
Achievements: Boglin Rapport, Brokenshield Rapport, Riverkin Rapport, Brokenshield Monastery, Boglin Migration
Faction Gains: Ophen, Riverkin, Brokenshield, Boglins
XP: 265
Treasure: 225


Meshon Meshon

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