Rise of the Alstalar

Chronicle 8: Swamp People

Following the trail of an ill-fated (and mysteriously motivated) Alstalar patrol leads the Ophen Ranger Corps to the swampy lair of a Boglin, driven mad by the terrible knowledge of his hoard of forgotten tomes. The boglin’s plan to “save” Thron by turning its population into mindless demon-killing zombies is thwarted, but the strange spores from a fungal infestation get everywhere. Usually this particular type of mushroom is found only deep under the earth. Why are they here? Do answers lie in the descending caves behind the Boglin library? Will the tomes recovered from the Boglin madman usher in a new enlightenment to Ophen?

Things are rarely that easy in a demon-ravaged world…


Meshon Meshon

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