Rise of the Alstalar

Chronicle 3: Murder!

Del’Ganas, one of the reclusive Zith mages, has been found dead, and the Alstalar’s preliminary investigation suggests that the mage was killed by a demon he was attempting to summon into the very heart of Ophen! The demon has not been found… What will your investigation uncover?

Characters: Onth Hadar, Treedo, Ulan Bator
Results: Uncertain. The official story is not the truth and someone has gotten away with murder.
Results: The Zith will lose control of their portal network, at least for the time being. The Alstalar are heroes once again.
Achievements: None
Faction Gains: Alstalar, Ophen

Chronicle 2: What Lies Beneath

The Zith mages claim that a power is awakening beneath the wastes, at a place known to Ophenicates as Stoneshanks. Of old it was called the Warrior’s Shield. Two specialists from Ophen braved the growing storm, Nightfang scouts, and a party of hogboblin shamans to secure the site. Now it is time to discover what lies beneath.

Characters: Onth Hadar, Treedo, Ulan Bator
Results: Success. The depths have been explored, revealing an ancient node in a Zithin portal network.
Rewards: The Ophen Militia is a little more wary of the River Kin and their wiles.
Achievements: Portals
Faction Gains: Fight Pit, River Kin, Zith, Black Omen

Chronicle 1: Ozymandias

Two days to the west of Ophen lies the Stoneshanks, remains of a shattered statue that stand tall in the desolate hills on the south side of the Greymud river. The place has been largely ignored because no one ever believed it was worth investigating. Until now.

The Daz’Dema of the Zith enclave in Ophen have informed the council that something — what it is they cannot (or will not) say — is awakening beneath those stony legs. Control of the site is imperative. And the Zithin wizards are not the only ones to have noted the disturbance of the Weave. Others are racing to secure the site. There is no question that the place must be claimed for Ophen, but most of the fighters of your town are otherwise engaged. Will your small crew be able to reach the statue in time? Will you be able to fend off the competitors until help arrives?

Characters: Treedo, Ulan Bator
Results: Success. The site is secured and the chambers below will be explored when reinforcements arrive.
Rewards: Flag of Defense, a magic item which will be available for groups to use.
Achievements: Nightfang Respite
Faction Gains: Ophen, Black Omen, RIver Kin

We Shall Never Forget
Because Minions Matter Too

Serge, brave archer, slayer of splittusks, eaten by zombies

The Destral of Ophen is impregnable...

Bael’Thar’s, so far, incomplete recollection of his first day as a member of the esteemed Alstalar.

‘These swine had best hurry’, Bael’Thar of Black Omen muttered to himself. The ever-present acrid smoke of Ophen’s cheap candles filled the dim room. Pathetic recruits surrounded the impatient orc, as he endured his eternal wait in line. Next to him a small human, smelling of manure and wearing a peculiar head-dress, yammered on seemingly about nothing to no one. ‘How has this dump survived?’ Bael’Thar, about to berate the odd human, uncharacteristically hesitated. The little man seemed familiar to the burly warrior. ‘Bracken’. He recalled the warchief speaking with the weedy man and the stern admonition, ‘Do not harm him’. The orc brooded. Finally, the old man behind the book motioned for Bael’Thar to approach. With a few strokes of the old man’s quill, Bael’Thar was the newest member of the feared Alstalar. That was it. No blood rituals, no chants, no invocations. No drums even! He stared at the tiny yellow pin in his hand. ‘What is this?’, he growled.

Fixated on the dull pin in his heavy hand, Bael’Thar wandered away. Some old human gassed on about little of importance. In a flash Bael’Thar’s eyes narrowed and his concentration returned. Sounds of discord from outside. A single word, ‘Breach!’ The orc sprinted out the door his axe, Titan’s Wrath, already in hand. Mindful of the implacable warchief’s command, Bael’Thar rumbled, ‘Bracken, with me! Today is for blood and fire!’ The orc’s thundering roar scattered the timid humans, who fled his inexorable stride.

The panicked words were true. The demons had somehow breached the Destral and were pouring through. An Earthen Bellower of monstrous size led the way, surrounded by a swarm of bloodflies. Lurking in the back a Splintusk Crusher, howled and snorted with an unearthly fury. The air filled with the stench of fear as the terrified Ophenians tried to flee from the demonic doom.

But Ophen was not a helpless babe in the woods; it had its defenders. A solitary woman stood firm before the demon-spawn, resolute in her duty to protect the citizens of Ophen. And a lone, grim archer of uncanny aim calmly and ruthlessly pierced the bloated bloodflies, each with a single unerring arrow. Cleverly he withheld his deadly shafts until the vermin were isolated, lest their death throes spatter the desperate defenders of Ophen with their lethal acid, even timing a strike so that the brutish Bellower should suffer the burns of the acid.

Bael’Thar arrived late to the battle. Already the corrupted beasts were hungrily moving towards the helpless commoners, spurred on by their Splintusk master.

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