Ophen Chronicles

The Ophen Chronicles recounts the tales of the Ophen Ranger Corps as the people of that small settlement band together to push back the demon hordes… or fall utterly into oblivion.

The recent and costly assault on Ophen by the Splittusk clan has given rise to some concerns about how well the Alstalar is able to protect the town. The various factions of Ophen have come together to form special groups who will be tasked to perform missions of vital importance that may fall outside the interests of the Alstalar. As yet these special groups have no name, though they are currently organized under the auspices of a grizzled old watch captain, Varrosh.

At a Glance

The Adventure Log will be updated with information about each session and record the continuing story of Ophen.

Those who volunteer for service with Ophen are a diverse lot. Individual achievements are progress are tracked here.

The factions represent the groups in the local area, their relative power and sphere of influence.

As characters from Ophen accomplish goals and survive missions they may also win achievements which may affect specific factions, or Ophen as a whole.

Similar to achievements, but more material, rewards are usually items that, once gained, become available to groups on missions in and around Ophen.

Ophen Chronicles

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