Region List 1 (5ed test)

Region List 1

Raburn is a small survival colony hidden in some heavy woods about two days travel from Phane. Raburn is an independent colony and is run by a small council of survivors. Raburn resisted the strong-arm tactics of the Iron Circle several years ago when the IC attempted to annex the colony. Relations between the totalitarian regime and the small colony have been tense ever since.
Raburn has about two hundred survivors from all across Thron. Raburn is a tent town, capable of being knocked down and re-established elsewhere in the woods quite easily.
Raburn has ample supplies of game and fresh water, making it one of the more successful colonies.

The White Grove
The woods around Raburn are populated with a mix of corrupted and still intact wildlife. A powerful site of natural magic lies at the heart of the woods, and its influence keeps the demonic taint at bay. The white grove used to be a holy place for Zithin druids before the demons came, and now their ritual magic continues to be felt in the area.

Abandoned Silver Mine
North of the woods lies an old Zithin silver mine. This network of tunnels and caves has often been used by the residents of Raburn as a hiding place when the woods were not safe. Through largely unexplored, the mines have turned up occasional Zithin tools and artifacts that Raburn has traded with other colonies.

The Portal Axiu-5
So named in the convention common to the portalscribes of Phane, Axiu-5 is located one day’s travel west from the edge of the woods around Raburn. Initially the portal saw a great deal of activity, but its use by the demon hordes has been less lately. The cunning tribe of insect like demons known as the Ebonclaw made great use of the portal as they settled the lands north of Axiu-5. The Ebonclaw have transformed the region north of the portal from rolling grassland to a crawling mass of papery halls and blackened soil.

Dusk Ridge
Three day’s walk west of Raburn, along the old trade road, is the impressive rise named Dusk Ridge. This hundred foot ridge marks the end of the territory claimed by the Iron Circle. Beyond it the old road continues to the powerful stronghold colony named Ophen. From atop Dusk Ridge, you can see the Greymud river and the old farmlands.

Region List 1 (5ed test)

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