A Brief History of the Known Races of Thron

History of the Known Races of Thron (1)

Once, there were none. Thron was an empty stretch of the material plane, hidden from sight by its creators: the Architects. The builders of Thron sought to seat themselves as gods and so they created a world to rule. From their strange laboratory did they plant the first forest, wrest the first mountains from the firmament and slosh the first oceans under the stars. They then toiled to make their own mortal life to inhabit their world, but the task proved daunting and instead of valiant followers, they often spawned horrible monsters. For aeons the architects toiled to bring life to their world, and eventually their efforts were noticed by the things beyond. The outsiders took notice of the Thron and the floundering architects, and they came to make it their own. A great battle was fought between the aberrant invaders and the would-be gods. The energies released from the war made Thron visible to the Gods and they came to see what world had been hidden from them. The architects, besieged by the outsiders and now threatened by the Gods themselves, retreated into their laboratory. The Gods drove the larger portion of outsiders from Thron, and began to bring their own followers to this strange place so that it might be filled with worship. The Gods passed through the laboratory without hindrance; the architects remained hidden and plotting.

First came the Elves, who were known as Zith. They dwelt in the forests and wrought magic and wonder through all things. Their cities of wood and vine stretched from horizon to horizon. They were founders of magic and of thought.

Second came the Dwarves, who were known as Zazen. They dwelt in the mountains and carved runes upon the world that it might be stronger. Their tunnels dug to depths. They were the founders of craft and of invention.

Third came the Humans, who were known as Zanima. They came as servants to the Zith and dwelt in the allotted places. Their colonies dotted the world. They were the founders of animal mastery and of hope.

Fourth came the Dragons, who were known by name. They slipped through the cracks of the laboratory and curled themselves around tree and stone and cloud. Their lairs were secret. They were the founders of war and of despair.

All races save the Dragons were absorbed by the powerful Zith. Together the three mortal races formed the great Zithin Empire. The Gods were worshipped and Thron was populated.

The enemies of the Empire were the remaining Outsiders, who carved castles half in and half out of the world. Also counted among the enemies of the Empire were the Dragons and their lower offspring: the Dracor. For thousands of years did the Zithin Empire rule Thron and keep it safe from evil and corruption.
Near the end of the Empire’s history, the great Demon Prince Waxioss led an abyssal legion through the laboratory and made war against the mortal races. The Zith asked the gods to help them drive the demons back and so were the Malastrazza created. The order of divine Zithin avengers pushed Waxioss and his army back through the laboratory and made Thron safe again.

The long forgotten architects emerged from hiding shortly after the demon war. With speed and surprise, they sealed shut the laboratory. The Gods could not enter, nor could any escape. The Malastrazza, bereft of their divine power, believed they had been forsaken and turned to darker powers to defend the Empire.

The Malastrazza turned to the Zazen forgemasters and obliged them to create powerful automatons. The machines were known as Dasstalar, and they were fueled by mortal souls. Eventually the Malastrazza fixed the laboratory in their sights. They called it the Throne of the Architects, and they guessed its power and sought to control it. They broke free from the Empire and waged a great war against it. After decimating much of the remaining Imperial army, they marched on the laboratory and attacked. The attack was rebuked, but not before causing great damage to the planar walls between Thron and the Abyss. The demon princes took advantage and opened portals across the world. They poured through and brought with them the end of days for the Zithin Empire, the Malastrazza and all civilization in Thron.

Thus began the Age of Chaos.

Fifth came the Demons, who were known as Xa. Their portals shred the soils and boiled the rivers. They were the founders of fire and of corruption.

Sixth came the Orcs, who were known as Matusa. They dwelt in mountain-top fortresses and ate the hearts of their foes. Their war-cries echoed into the stars. They were the founders of ….

Seventh came the Halflings who were known as Zalanc, and their cousins the Goblins, who were known as Zolanc. They dwelt in reedy places along the rivers and in swampy mounds. They were founders of watercraft and primal power.

Eighth came the Kobolds, Gnolls, Ogres, and Giants, who known by the Zaniman word: corrupted (2). They dwelt across the world in wild packs. They were the tainted ones, who were once members of the other races, but were twisted by the demonic energies unleashed upon the world during the Age of Chaos. They howled and hunted.

(1) in most cases the names provided for the races are in the Zithin tongue. These were the races known to the Zithin historian who crafted this document. There are surely untold histories and species in the vastness of Thron.
(2 )each of the founding races had a corrupted cousin. The Zith became Gnolls, Orcs became Giants, Humans became Ogres, Dwarves became Kobolds.

A Brief History of the Known Races of Thron

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