Following is a list of all current factions in Ophen and the surrounding area. Success on missions and character actions contribute to faction gains and losses. Certain advantages become available to members of the factions as their power increases.

Ophen 6: The Ophen faction represents how strong the settlement is and its ability to maintain its independence in a hostile world.

  • Alstalar 4: The Alstalar is a military organization that seeks to rid the world of demons. They maintain a presence in Ophen and often work towards the same aims.
    Black omen Black Omen 4: The recent arrival and acceptance of Orcs in Ophen has caused some upset. The orcs are still viewed as demon-tainted, but their fierce independence and fighting prowess have proved a boon to Ophen.
  • Ckaln 1: The underworld of Ophen is small but thriving community, and is largely tolerated by the rest of Ophen for the economic benefits it brings.
  • Fight Pit: The first rule of Fight Pit is, don’t talk about fight pit.
  • Nordrossol 1: The last known circle of druids in Thron, the Nordrossol are responsible for the protective netting hung above Ophen and for the tending of the Junai. Though their primal powers have been weakened by the presence of demons on the land, they still serve as potent warriors.
  • River Kin 4: Refugees from the south, the River Kin are interspersed with the other races and have no specific representation at the Command Center. Many of them do meet unofficially at the only tavern in Ophen to discuss River Kin interests.
  • Undema 1: The enigmatic crafters and runeshapers of fallen Azamaan Daoom are responsible for the Alstalar’s success against the demons. Though they have taken a vow of silence since the death of their primal god Derrimal Down Deep, they maintain a visible presence in the world above their forge.
  • Zith 2: The surviving elves of the empire are tolerated by the humans and dwarves provided they work for the good of the settlement. It is understood that the practice of arcane Zithin magics like those once wielded by the Daz’Dama (the Zithin order of wizards) must be used only in defence of the colony. The study of magic for its own sake is severely frowned upon.

Demon Clans ??: The world belongs to the Demons. Only time and perseverance might weaken their abyssal hold.

  • Nightfang 3: The Nightfang clan of demonic mongrels is bound by ritual and tradition, which makes them no less fearsome as warriors.
  • Splitusk 1: Only sheer determination and great sacrifice turned back an assault by this clan on the walls of Ophen. Now they hide in the wastes waiting for their chance for revenge.
  • Mudripper 1: The Mudrippers are hardly worthy of mention… unless you’re on the river, or in the swamps.


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