Ophen Ranger Corps

“What’s an acronym?” -Varrosh, Highblade of the Ophen Ranger Corps

After the Splitusk debacle, the people of Ophen were less keen to trust fully in the Alstalar’s offers of protection. Though that organization is still welcome and supported by Ophen, a new group has been formed specifically for the defense of Ophen and, more importantly, to keep alive the hope that it embodies. The Ophen Ranger Corps is made up of volunteers from all segments of the population, people who believe in the world to come, people who believe that Ophen is the key to a demon-free future.

The Ophen Ranger Corps may be a motley gang, but everyone who volunteers for it has a dream. Those dreams are unique to each person, but Corps is united in a fervent belief that Ophen must rise. There’s no room for mercenaries in this outfit.

Do you have a dream? The Ophen Ranger Corps needs YOU!

Ophen Ranger Corps

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